Newsletter, October 4th

Dear friend and reader,

Hello from Paris! I hope you are well.

Yesterday, we had the heaviest rainfall for 100 years! Going out into the garden was out of the question, so we spent the day lounging in our baskets. Luckily mum had the idea to make a nice tuna cake for the afternoon tea. We loved it! As for me, I took the opportunity to write new story for you.

One day, my black maman brought my half brothers and sisters into the garden. Will they all stay with us? Discover this true story and see why our maman decided to go away:

Four Black Elves

I didn't send out the newsletter last week but if you haven't read my previous story yet, come and meet my funny Uncle Panda!  He was the most surprising kitty:

My Funny Uncle Panda

Happy reading, dear friend. My next story is almost ready for you and I’ll tell you how I mistook a baby hedgehog for a chestnut. And this cheeky guy claimed he was my brother! It’s another true story - more next week.

Stay safe, dear friend!

Love from Freddy