Newsletter September 12

Yellow Monster Part 2

Dear Friend and Reader,

Hello from partly cloudy Paris! Hope that you are feeling well and that the weather is sunny on your side.  

Today, I’m happy to send you the link to the chapter 2 of my story Yellow Monster, where you’ll learn more about our first meeting with mum, the arrival of the terrifying yellow monster, our escape from the waste ground, our wandering and finally. . .but I'll let you read further:

Yellow Monster Part 2

My editor said it sounds like a thriller; so much the better and I hope you’ll enjoy it. In any case, it's a true story, just like all my stories. OK, sometimes I knit a bit around, but I never change the facts. Btw If you would like to re-read Yellow Monster Part 1, you’ll find it under Archives.

Some of you have already read this new chapter; if so, please ignore it - soon the follow-up will be online.

Oh, can you hear? Mum is calling me from the garden. I hid her hose connection in the hedge yesterday and she wants it back. I need to go and explain it wasn’t me. If you meet her, please don't tell her anything.

A thousand thanks for reading me!  I am truly happy to count you among my readers.

 See you soon for the continuity this story!

Love from Freddy!

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