Newsletter September, 19

Yellow Monster Part 3

Dear friend and reader,

Hello from Paris! This morning they announced terrible storms here but hopefully, we didn’t see any. So much the better, as I’m terribly afraid of thundering and lighting, since I was little and I met the Yellow Monster!

A propos, speaking about him, the third and last chapter of my story Yellow Monster is now online. With mum, we were a bit hesitant to publish it today as it’s not yet edited. Our editor was away last week (mum discovered that there are people who take holidays, what a surprise!). But I told Mum that you were anxious to hear what happened to my sister Caramel and besides, we didn't want to interrupt the good habit of offering you a new story every Sunday evening!

We just hope there aren't too many mistakes - the French and foreign languages are somehow conflicting notions…

Please feel free to log in and to discover what happened when my maman came back and finally, did we or did we not find Caramel. Yellow Monster Part 3

Thank you, dear friend, for reading my stories, I’m very happy and much grateful!

Love from Freddy!

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