Newsletter September 4

New Story from Freddy

Dear Friend and Reader,

This weekend I would like to take you with me to Rome, for a little stroll through the streets of this busy, but so beautiful city.  It’s a sunny Saturday and it feels so good to walk down the majestic Spanish Steps, to stroll on the Via dei Condetti and enter the oldest Italian café nearby, Caffe Greco. Don’t order a coffee, exorbitantly priced; freshly squeezed fruit juice would be a better choice.

Feeling fit for a walk? Then let's go to the historical centre, the most pleasant part of the city and after visiting the Pantheon and ignoring the Trevi Fountain, the small boutique Tazza d'Oro is the place for the best cappuccino in the city.

Now it’s time to visit the street cats - there are more than 120.000 feral kitties in Rome! They live among the ruins of ancient monuments, organized in colonies, and the city takes great care of them. All street cats in Rome are identified, registered, fed and cared for on daily basis. Protected by a Roman law, nobody can harm them or remove them from a colony. Let’s meet some in the Torre Argentina shelter, nearby.

More in my today’s story Journey to Rome

Some of you have already read this story, and I thank you for that. If this is the case, please disregard it. More stories to come next week. I will tell you next week what happened with my sister Caramel. Do you remember? She escaped when mum picked me up on the pavement, one stormy night.

I am so happy that you read my stories, so pleased to count you among my readers! Thank you again!

Happy weekend! Wishing you a great week ahead.

Love from Freddy!